QR Code Duplicated When Second Language Checked

Who had this issue attached ?

  • The QR added 2 times
  • The QR general to page number 2

Is there any setup to resize the page (Fit to Page) ?

I suspect this has to do with bilingual invoices.

Could you uncheck the bilingual invoice option and report what happens?

this issue appears before bilingual invoices

Thanks Elafardan and Ahmed

After unchek bilingual invoice option :+1:

But what about (Fit to Page ) is there any customize setup to leave QR in the same page ?


A custom theme would do just that.

But also, I believe this is a bug with bilingual invoices that should be fixed. @Tut @Abeiku @lubos

I cannot reproduce it.

I think QR issue is fine now after deleting the multilingual.

But still some time (fit to page) no yet

Hello @Ealfardan

Again I got this issue when generate PDF QR not attached and in preview is ok.

Sales Invoice.pdf (308.1 KB)

Is this issue with PDF or Print?

Because it appears that the QR is displayed properly when using Print. If the preview is ok but the save has no QR then it’s more likely that this is a problem with the printer/driver you’re using.

Also, I forgot to ask whether that’s a custom theme. Is it a custom theme?

That theme does not look like the default theme. The left side margins are weird to say the least.

It’s appear with PDF

With default them

So the QR Code:

  • Appears when using PDF.
  • Appears in preview when using Print
  • Does not appear in the final document after printing.

What OS and browser do you use?

Also what’s your version and edition of Manager?

Appears when using PDF …No

Appears in preview when using PDF?
Yes as will as after (save as pdf file) and print

  • Does not appear in the final document after printing… it’s appears no issue

What OS and browser do you use? MAC OS V 12.1 Chrome & Safari

Also what’s your version and edition of Manager? V.22.1.32. Desktop Version.

Am using default them

One more think …
Checkout the QR attached. is it right to preview API or security digit number rather than details of the invoice like: Name, Date, Number etc…


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Too bad. The PDF button is a legacy feature now and I don’t think there will be support for that. @lubos has to confirm this.

For now, you will have to rely on the browser print.

This is Base64 encoding as required by ZATCA. You can decode it with the official ZATCA QR app and it should work, no problem. :+1:

Good Day @Ealfardan @lubos

Kindly see the workflow attached to QR issue appears duplicated when shift between language or save as pdf file or print out.

Well it looks like a bug.

It’s using the default theme and it’s in the UI.

@Tut @Abeiku could you please put this in bugs.

I moved the related posts to a new topic and put it into the bugs category. I’ve done this on the basis of @Ealfardan being able to reproduce, even though @Abeiku cannot. I have not personally tested this.

I still cannot reproduce it.

The same issue happened to me
the solution is to never put the country Saudi Arabia in Business Details
if you put it so the QR code will be damage