QR Code Duplicated When Second Language Checked

But if you don’t put the Saudi Arabia as a country in business details then QR Code Will not appear at all on the invoice

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it appears very well on the invoice wiith all the details

Is it appears Even when some other country is selected or it appears only when country is set to automatic/Saudi-Arabia. @Ahmad-pro-supplier

it appears even when some other country is selected

for this am working without a selected country and it is well till now

I think that the issue is in line text: data.join(’ // '), in Qr Code Extension
when I deleted it the duplicated issue disappeared.

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Nice work :+1:

But I can’t confirm this since I don’t have a MacBook at the moment.

@bandaryk does this solve your problem?

It works fine on the Windows desktop version, but I do not know if it causes any other issue we need confirmation from @lubos

Could you please check if fixed in the latest version (22.1.89) ?

Sorry can’t check because the last version working on my mac os is 22.1.44

Then update. You cannot complain and then refuse to update to the version that fixes your problem.

The new update coming for a higher version of my mac OS
How do you think that I refused to update !!!?

Please provide some of the “About this Mac” information that shows when you click on the apple logo top of your screen. Most importantly:

  1. macOS name and Version
  2. Type of Mac and year built

If you were able to run Manager v22.1.44, you can run the latest (v22.1.89 as I write this). That sounds like you were unwilling to try to update, or it would have worked.

Hello Lubos

I believe it’s working will now with V.22.1.89

thanks for support.