PDF generating problem

I need help to fix below issue while generating files from PDF bottom.

That looks like a foreign language invoice to me.

To fault find more information would be helpful

  • A brief description of what part of the image has a fault (so other look at the part you are concerned about)

  • What language is this occurring with

  • For comparison a screen capture of the non pdf version which you are happy with

  • Is the fault shown with the default theme or only with a custom theme

  • Does it occur all the time for you or just with specific computers, specific invoices or some other property?

Note there is already a bug reported for


1- All words in the document not encoded properly.
2- both English and Arabic language same problem.
3- screen capture for the proper one is below:
4- I’m using unique theme.
5- problem is occurring for all reports for different computers and I changed also browser from google chrome to Microsoft edge and still problem occurring.

I would also like to add on to this issue as it is affecting us as well.

What you see on Manager;

What you see when converting to pdf using pdf button;

There has been comments throughout the forum around what you see is not what you get from PDF generator due to markup interpretations between browser and PDF generator…At this point we have not received a guide on what the PDF generator supports in terms of tags etc etc as this will help us with custom themes.

We currently spent time on customising themes only to be limited by using ‘print’ button.

Any ideas on development?


FYI - Resizing the actual dimension of the image itself to be within the 150px and 300px fixed it for us. The theme is supposed to resize this however, pdf generator somehow did not like it.

<img src=“{{ business.logo }}” style=“max-height: 150px; max-width: 300px”

Just in case someone else runs into the same issue.

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Have you updated your logo or just started using native PDFs?

I say this because I think it is probably a 16 bit png issue, which doesn’t work well with manager. I’ve had the same color inversion issue with my QR codes but the service only support 16 bits so I had to switch to Jpg.

I didn’t get any improvement .
Please update.

Do you get this problem with the default theme as well?

What edition (desktop, server, or cloud) and version of Manager?

It’s cloud edition.
I’m not sure from where I can get the version but I found this number written at the bottom of the page( 20.10.90).

I tried one default theme and it looks OK.

20.10.90 is the version number. The cloud edition is always up to date.

The fact that your problem does not occur with the default theme shows that the issue is with your coding of your custom theme, not a problem with Manager. Users are responsible for troubleshooting their own themes.

Your case is strange, I would consider the following in order to get to the root cause:

Have you tried both your custom theme as well as the default theme on the same document?
Have you used any liquid text filters?
What is your character encoding the machine which was used to create the erroneous documents?

But even so, I don’t think this can guarantee that you will get to the root cause.

Alternatively, I think a better solution maybe to redo your custom theme from scratch and see if the problem persists. This would be a better solution especially since your theme’s layout is outdated (since manager has improved support for RTL a lot of things have changed).

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