Purchase orders update


It would be great if, when creating a purchase order, that the description was made available from the items list
Also if the items list contained a field for the suppliers code this would be awesome


I agree. Not having a description available makes things quite hard to add to an order.


Yes, I’m going to add “Purchase Invoice Items” plugin which will allow you to create predefined list of items just like on sales invoices.

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Great Product do you have a rough idea when the Purchase Invoice item will be going Live


Yes, sometime next week.


Hi Just wondering if this update is available as of yet


I actually did implement this feature but didn’t release it yet. Hoping to release new version tomorrow or Tuesday.


sweet thanks in advance


This features has been now released in the latest version. Before you can use it, make sure to enable Purchase Invoice Items under Settings->General Settings

Then add predefined purchase invoice items under Settings->Purchase Invoice Items