Tax Exclusive in Purchase Orders

When creating Purchase Orders it lists the final amount as being Tax Inclusive. On Sales Invoices we have the choice of Exclusive or Inclusive. Can I do this somewhere for Purchase Orders?

Not yet but it is something I want to add still this month.

Brilliant. Many thanks

Having the option of inclusive and exclusive tax on the purchase invoice would be a big help, thanks, and thanks for the software

Any update on this? My suppliers are finding it quite confusing to have the order as ‘tax inclusive’ as they have to work out by hand what the actual price is.

This is the next feature I’m going to implement so it’s pretty much imminent.

Ability to create purchase orders with tax exclusive amounts has been added into the latest version (13.12.7)

Thank you very much. Huge help.

May be a problem here as all my purchase orders that were tax inclusive are now Tax exclusive by default and it shows I owe everyone some more money (ie the outstanding Tax) to everyone. Could you not make the default inclusive?

You are right. I’m now uploading new version (13.12.8) which will check “amounts are tax inclusive” on all purchase invoices/orders so older records will remain unaffected while new ones can be entered with tax exclusive amounts.

New version (13.12.8) is available.

Don’t hang about do you…!