Purchase Order Print Failure

For purchase orders, the Print button is creating PDFs with half of the PO cutoff on the right side.

Using the PDF button, it cuts off the agreement terms after the second page.

Is there a way to fix this?

are you using a custom theme or the default inbuilt themes?
custom theme troubleshooting is the responsibility of the users.

if you are using default inbuilt themes then please provide more info starting with what version of Manager, edition, OS, etc. illustrating with screenshots would help.

For Purchase Orders, can we set the comments section and agreement terms to line up on both sides so that it looks neat? Currently it is straight on the left side but not the right side.

Lastly, how do we remove the header on the PDFs saying “https://xxxxxx.manager.io/purchase-order-view?Key=68…”?

Its the online version so I assume its the latest version.
Using Windows 10 with Firefox browser.

How do you create custom themes? Don’t see an option for that.

what comments section and agreement terms are you talking about? there are no such things in Manager by default. are these custom fields you created?

disable printing headers and footers in your browser settings.

please read the guide on custom themes.

please post screenshots hiding proprietary information to understand the issue better.