Purchase invoice question

Hey guys how are you doing ? !
again me, learning with this awesome manager.

I have a concern,

Ive made a purchase invoice after that copied to Goods Receipt, i dont understand why im having a negative number in ‘Quantity to recieve’


Ive realized that if the invoice date is before one week of current day, inventory would not update.

anyone knows why ?

I’m fairly certain your “one week” guess is not correct. For anyone to answer your question, you need to post screen shots of the Edit screens for the purchase invoice and the goods receipt. Also, do you have a start date set and, if so, when is it? And did you set any starting balances?

@Santiago - Here’s the relevant guides for what @Tut mentioned:

Start Date - https://guides.manager.io/9783
Starting Balances - https://guides.manager.io/15718

Additional guides here: https://guides.manager.io/