Goods receipt showing as negative in inventory

So I issued a goods receipt for a container we received with raw materials.

In the stock now this shows as a negative value. Both the “Qty to receive” and the “Qty on hand” refers to the same goods receipt note. Does it have to be linked to a “Purchase invoice”? I didn’t do one for this order as it was done and paid last year (before the starting date I set in Manager as we don’t have the time to put everything from the past into manager yet).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

So assume it’s due to the fact that there is no purchase invoice so manager doesn’t consider the goods to be owned. Any tips on how I can fix this? Can I make a 0 cost purchase order or I should just remove the goods receipt note and change the starting stock instead?

You are correct as to why this happened. There is relevant information in the final Note of this Guide: Set starting balances for inventory items | Manager. There is no carryover of inventory status when migrating to Manager from another system. Since your purchase invoice from before your start date was already paid, you owned the inventory on your start date. Although you are using goods receipts in Manager, you should consider this inventory to have been in stock on your start date. You may or may not have been using some equivalent of goods receipts in your old system, but there is no way to carry over information about pending receipt of goods. The only thing you can carry over is pending payments, which you did not have. In summary, you owned the stock on your start date; it just was not yet in hand. But that is a distinction Manager cannot make.

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