Incorrect values of inventory quantity

hi, i’m new to manager.
Why is my inventory quantity on hand incorrect?
There are “0” sales invoices and i didn’t enter any sales transactions yet, however some of my inventory quantities appear as zero. i recently entered my purchases and suppliers and i’m stucked currently at this point. please help me know how can i solve this so i can proceed working.
Thank you

You have not provided enough information for anyone to help. Did you enter starting balances for inventory? Was all your inventory purchased after beginning to use Manager? Can you post screen shots of transactions you think should result in specific inventory quantities that do not? In other words, you need to describe all the circumstances that lead up to what you believe is a problem and tell what you think should have resulted instead of what did.

most likely you haven’t copied the purchase invoices to goods reciepts.

Hi dear,
thank you for your fast reply.
Our business is new, we don’t have any previous balances of inventory.
I created inventory items and then created purchase invoices.
some of my inventory items are zero, and other items are correct.
Here’s a screen shot of one of the items I have problem with.
There are more than 30 pillows of the item code 7036 in stock and it appears as “zero” ;whereas, item code 7038 which is in the same purchase invoice appears as 30 which is correct.
Both items are purchased at the same time, some are working others are not

You are mostly on the right track. But you have still not provided quite enough information to know definitely what has happened in your records.

It looks as though you have properly set up your inventory items. It also appears that you are using delivery notes, but not goods receipts. That is acceptable, and it means that as soon as you purchase inventory items, they should show up in your quantity on hand. But if you purchased them, they are hiding somewhere in Manager. So let’s find out where.

Go to the Inventory Items tab and click on the blue zero under Qty on hand for item 7036. You should see every transaction that contributes to that balance. Since you have the purchase invoice for 15 units, you must have some offsetting transaction for 15 units. You said you actually have 30 units present. So I suspect you entered another transaction incorrectly. Instead of adding another 15 units, it subtracted them, bringing the balance down to zero. Can you post a screen shot of what you see when clicking on that zero?


what is confusing me is that in the same purchase order some items appear in correct quantities and others don’t. when i click on the blue zero nothing appears as in the screenshot.

we started our business in July 2017 but I didn’t copy any of the sales or cash invoices to the software yet. this what’s making it complicated. why should i see zero quantities when i did’nt enter any sales invoices at all.
we ordered more pillows after the first invoice, this’s why the quantity on hand should be 30.
Inventory quantities should be as equal to items purchased; assuming that no sales transactions are done yet why should there be any differences?

please i need to proceed. here’s another example of zero quantities. i’m not finding any reasonable explanation why is this happening. i deleted now all cash and bank transactions that includes payments for suppliers and so on to remove any hiding possibilities, but still quantities are not showing right amounts. i’m stuck!

can you post a screenshot of your inventory item 7036 edit screen?

yes sure!

should i copy inventory items and purchase invoices and start a new business in manager? if this could be the only solution how can i export them without having to re enter data again?

your start date of business is a future date than your purchase invoice.
if you have migrated your business from another accounting software, then create purchase invoices for all the pending purchase invoices you have to pay with a date matching your start date set in Manager i.e 06/07/2017 or change your start date to 01/07/2017 (the date of your purchase invoice).

purchase invoices issued prior to the start date will not adjust the inventory item starting balance. Manager ignores inventory item quantities on starting balance invoices.

or if you have already paid for your purchases as on the starting date, then do not enter any purchase invoice, just update the inventory starting balance for every inventory item.

read this guide for a clear idea on starting balance for suppliers
for inventory starting balance

get back if this has solved your problem.

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I can’t thank you enough! I only changed the starting date and voila! it’s solved! Thank you very very much!

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@Ayah_Darwish, let me also point out that if you started your business in July 2017, and did not have a previous accounting system, you should not set a start date at all. Go to Settings => Start Date and delete the date. This will avoid future problems and remove unnecessary fields from entry forms.

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okey done, thank you so much for the advice!