Inventory count

I am using the latest version and setup a company as “playground”. I created a purchase order to a vendor and then received the item (10x) through Copy to “New Goods Receipt”.
I went back to the inventory items and checked, but the quantity on hand for that item was still zero.

The same thing happened when I entered the quantity of that item, using the option starting balance. Also in this case the count was still zero.
Does anyone have an idea of what I am doing wrong?

Thank you. Ahmed

Purchase orders have no financial impact. They are only a shortcut for recording information to copy to other transactions. You need a purchase invoice or payment to record purchase of goods. Read the three-part Guide beginning here: Also see

Starting balances do not affect quantity on hand or owned. They only affect monetary account balances. Read this Guide:

Hello Tut:
Thank you for your Kind reply. Actually I have realized that I set the start date to February 03 and it appears that’s the main reason I by the system was not recording the received items. I set the date to today’s date (26. January) and everything looks good - items purchased and received through Goods Receipt are recorded properly.

So it’s all good and thanks again.


Understand that if you only use purchase orders, the financial information will be wrong.