Purchase Invoice Payments not working

Hi Team

Recently I have created a few Purchase invoices and directly from the Purchase Invoice clicked on the payment button. I have added the payment of the Purchase invoice and it shows under the payments but the Purchase Invoice still shows the amount outstanding.

How can this be resolved. I have tried every possible way to add the payment directly from the purchase invoice but it just will not show that it is paid in full.

Please furnish screen shots of the Edit screens for the purchase invoice and the payment.

There is a few Purchase Invoice that shows the amounts is overdue but under the payment tab the payment is listed. When I added the payment it was directly from the payment button viewed on the Purchase Invoice page

Your problem is that you selected the wrong posting account on the payment form. If you look at the Printing, stationery & office equipment account, you will see that you have recorded two identical debits for this purchase.

Once you enter a purchase invoice, you have recorded the expense. The payment form should be posted to Accounts payable > Customer name > Invoice.

Apologies, but I dont understand. Yesterday I posted a bunch of Purchase Orders in the same way and all of them shows the amount is paid in full. Can you please elaborate

Nevermind, Now I see, I must just select Account payable when i load the payment instead of where to allocate it. Thanks for the assistance