Purchase invoice - payment over due

Please help as i am getting confused
on my purchase invoice it shows as payment is overdue even though i have made payment? I do not use payment due date on the purchase invoice as i generally pay immeadiately
Not sure what i am doing wrong ,please help

Two points:

  1. Manager requires a due date for various internal functions. If you do not enter one, it assigns the current date.
  2. The payment must be posted to Accounts payable > Supplier Name > Invoice. See Record a payment | Manager.


  • CASH PAYMENT FOR ONE ITEM - i process against the account as you state as this is a instant payment from bank account by card on purchase, which is what i normally do
  • PAYMENT AGAINST A CREDIT FOR ANOTHER - i generate a purchase invoice against the credit balance on this account

This is the process I normally follow however it shows outstanding under purchase invoices, but reflects as paid under payments and supplier account

Your additional information is confusing, because cash purchases do not involve purchase invoices. So what you wrote does not make sense. Can you illustrate this with screen shots?

1.Purchase invoices were generated and payment made from bank against these transactions yet they show as outstanding under purchase invoices.in the example below R400.00 WAS PAID IN ADVANCE TO COURIERS,giving a credit balance.The courier fee was 199.01 AND A PURCHASE ODER RAISED against the credit,YET IT SHOWS AS OUTSTANDING

2,Apologies re ref to cash the purchase was made with a debit card via bank

You need to show the Suppliers Balance and then drill down on the Suppliers balance to see the transactions on the supplier’s account

You did not apply the payment to a particular invoice, so it was applied to the oldest invoice due

I did the suppliers balance is correct
Payments are correct and reflect under payments
The issue seems to be

  • i pay the courier in advance and recorded under bank which is correct
  • i generate a purchase invoice for the invoiced amount against the courier for the delivery, as normal, and as done for the past years.However the balance on the purchase invoice does not reflect payment,and shows as outstanding
  • as the courier account is in credit and supplier balance is correct i fail to see why the why it shows as outstanding .Multiple purchase invoices are raised against the couriers credit balance and i have not experienced this problem in the past

Just because the overall supplier’s balance is correct does not mean the advance was applied where you think it was.

Please do as @Joe91 requested by drilling down on THE COURIER GUYS Accounts payable balance. Post a screen shot so we can see what transactions posted to this subaccount.

As you can see from the supplier Courier Guy

  • the credit/deposit of 400.00 is reflected as is the payment of the 199.01 the balance is correct as per supplier statement and also reflects as paid against bank account.
    Hover it reflects as unpaid/outstanding on the purchase invoice.I have followed exactly the same process i always have and for some reason it is not “pulling through” to the purchase invoice

Your deposit payment to THE COURIER GUYS left you with a debit balance (the same thing as a supplier credit) of 395.75. When you entered their purchase invoice for 199.01, it would normally have immediately been paid from your available supplier credit. You still have 197.74 of supplier credit. That is, they still owe you money left over from your deposit. But the information you have shown so far does not indicate where the deposit was actually applied.

You need to go to the Purchase Invoices tab and start viewing the paid in full invoices. Eventually, you should find one or more with an annotation in the mini-statement attributing payment to the 10/07/2019 deposit.

Thank you for the assistance.I resolved the issue but not sure which solution actually worked

It was either a duplication of an invoice number when raising the purchase against the balance on the supplies account


  • I noted on some transaccttiions the invoice showed " invoice#" which I deleted.

Either way and I have no clue how/ why the issue was resolved and there are no more outstanding payments due against purchase invoices



It will only be applied to the invoice if you input (usually via drop down list) this.

To make sure it is applied to the correct invoice, open the Invoice, then choose “New payment”.

Please check is there any mistake.

I am sure that there are many mistakes, but which one in particular are you asking about?