Purchase Invoice help

My purchase Invoices status stays as ‘Overdue’ even after a payment is recorded against the purchase invoice. How do i get it to show the status as ‘Paid in full’?

First, update your software, especially if you already updated it recently. There was a temporary problem related to the general ledger engine, which is being improved. If you are using the cloud edition, go to https://cloud.manager.io/ and restart the cloud server.

If that does not fix the issue, you need to furnish more information. Post screen shots of the Edit screens of the purchase invoice and the receipt by which it was paid.

I just did the restart on the cloud server. The issue still persist. Kindly see Screenshots attached.

You did not post the payment against the purchase invoice. Instead of Accounting & Secretarial, you need to post to Accounts payable. Making that selection will bring up another field in which you select the supplier’s name. A third field will allow you to select the specific purchase invoice.

Also, do not apply any tax code on the payment. The tax code was selected on the purchase invoice. You are not making another taxable transaction. You are only paying your obligation to the supplier.

Solved. Thank you for the great help.