Unpaid Purchase Invoice is showing paid in full

unpaid Purchase Invoice is showing paid in full

as you dont provide any explanation or screenshots i find it hard that someone will offer you an accurate solution of information, hoever check these

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thanks for your answer
actually i entered supplier opening balance via journal voucher and then payment him in 2 or 3 installment
now i got new invoice from him, when i entered it. Manager less older payments from the new invoice and less payment from it. that why the new invoice is showing paid in full

is there a way to locate that payment to opening balance

care to post a screenshot i am not sure i am understanding you correctly

@Hussain, very few things should be entered into Manager by journal entry. Starting balances for suppliers are entered as described in this Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/7227. The only purchase invoices from before your start date you need to enter are those you have not yet paid.