Amount paid showing, but no way of editing this

I have a Purchase Invoice that is showing an amount paid thats lower than the total. i did not add this payment as received and I cant find a way of removing it. I need it to show that the payment was receive in full 9in one payment) so the accounts match the bank statement. How do I remove this rogue payment?

Can you please clarify. You say you have a Purchase Invoice.
But then you say “I did not add this payment as received” and “payment was receive in full”
Purchase Invoice and Receive Money don’t generally go together.
With a Purchase Invoice you Spend Money and with a Sales Invoice you Receive Money.
Can you provide a screen shot?

Go to Bank Accounts, click on the figure showing under “Statement Balance”. Try to find the partial payment you received for this invoice. Once found, click on it and then click “Edit” to delete the transaction.
This does what you ask for. It does affect your accounts receivable and bank accounts. At your own risk.

@spirito, depending on whether you actually mean a purchase invoice or a sales invoice (your terminology is uncertain), existing credits from Supplier Credits or Customer Credits may have been automatically applied. Whichever it is, look at the register for purchase invoices or sales invoices and click on the invoice balance for the particular invoice in question. The screen that appears will show you the source of all transactions affecting that balance. This should help you track down where the “rogue” payment came from.

If you can find that and still cannot resolve your issue, please post additional information.