Purchase Invoice Payment

hi team:

when i paid for supplier this kind of issue happen? pls advise how to rectify it. Thanks

For some reason, when you entered your purchase invoice, you already had a supplier credit of RM 0.02 with this supplier. It was applied automatically. So when you paid the full 1927.87, you were, to Manager’s knowledge, overpaying. So the overpayment when to Supplier credits again.

You need to go dig into your history with this supplier to see where the RM 0.02 came from. Perhaps multi-currency rounding, perhaps an entry mistake, etc. Create a supplier with all transactions going back to the first and track down the cause.

hi team:

OK first issue settled. Now i am facing the below problems. I check the supplier statement account, the credit side have record but the debit side doesn’t

has record. And i check for this invoice num and below msg pop out, pls tell me what to do next, tq.

I cannot tell what your first screen shot is, showing only a Spend Money button. What steps did you follow to get to it? Can you post a screen shot that includes the breadcrumbs at the top?

Also, there is no message showing, which you say popped out. What did it say?

Finally, you seem to be puzzled because the automatic payment doesn’t show in the supplier statement. Is that correct? I can’t see enough information to tell what happened. I suspect you entered transactions out of date order and that available credits were used for things you didn’t expect. You may have to trace every transaction back to see if it was covered by explicitly designating an invoice or just what happened.

As you can see from your statement. As of 03/12/2015, you had overpaid supplier 2,313.45.

So first, before you even deal with transactions after 03/12/2015. Confirm that as of 03/12/2015 you had supplier credit of 2,313.45.