Purchase Invoice Reconcile


I received credit note from supplier. So I create Debit Note in my manager to balance it. The problem is, it shows on the purchase invoice i overpaid without transferring the amount to new purchase invoice i created.

Thank you

A Credit Note you receive from your supplier becomes a Debit Note in your accounts. It is labelled a Credit Note because that is what it is in your supplier’s accounting system

A Credit Note in your accounts is a refund due to one of your customers.

I’ll reply here as it is best not to re-open old topics as it can be confusing and Manager will have had many updates since the original topic.

You need to show screen images starting from the Accounts Payable balance and drilling down to the supplier and then the suppliers transactions

Make sure that you include all the heading in the screens so that it is clear what you are displaying Also, what version of Manager are you using?

When you entered the Debit Note did you apply it to a particular purchase invoice?

Sorry, yeah I create Debit Note to balance it and im using the latest Manager. Previous version it would just deduct the remaining balance in account payable and invoice.
The supplier tab had no problem since it deduct balance in account payable and shows balance is 0. But when I open purchase invoice, due to the Debit Note the debit makes the purchase invoice Overpaid.

Can you show the edit transactions of the debit note and of the payments ?

If both the full payment and the debit note are applied to the invoice it will be overpaid

I made full payment through online banking. So it can’t be undone then i make debit note and i did new purchase from same supplier where the final amount should be 0. Tomorrow ill SS the transaction.

@mbn8417, you evidently updated from quite an old version of Manager. The handling of automatic allocations and overpaid invoices changed quite a while ago. Understand that a supplier having a total Accounts payable balance of zero is different from every purchase invoice for that supplier being exactly paid. One invoice being overpaid and another being unpaid by the same amount will produce a net balance in Accounts payable of zero. Read these Guides:

Ok. Understood. Thank you so much for the help.