Automatic Payment to supplier

When i create the purchase invoice, system auto made payment, may i know how to stop it because i still not pay the credit

This means you had credit with your supplier and credit was automatically applied to invoice.

If you think this is wrong, have a look at Supplier statement under Reports tab to see what transactions have been recorded related to this supplier.

may i know how to delete it the automatic payment because i am not allowed to delete it. TQ

lubos, i totally cant delete it. When i want to delete my purchase invoice, also cannot delete. may i know what to do?

Can you go to your Balance Sheet - Supplier Credits account under Assets and click on the balance. What details can you see - can you do a screenshot.

The reason you have the automatic payment, is because there has been a payment to that supplier that hasn’t been allocated to any invoices. That unallocated payment sits in Supplier Credits. When you enter new invoices for that Supplier, that unallocated payment is used to pay them.

You can’t and shouldn’t delete the invoice as that’s not the problem. That unallocated payment is what needs correcting.

I cant find any supplier credit account, pls advise. TQ

Sorry, I meant Summary tab, Balance Sheet - Asset - Supplier Credits (not reports)

no any data

Can you click on the blue dash - your mouse/pointer should turn into a hand

i also feel weird. But not all purchase invoice like this, only 4 pieces from total 78 pieces purchase invoice.

Ok, can you go to Reports - Supplier Statements, select transactions, leave the from blank and click next . then view the supplier with the issue.

The problem is, there is a rouge payment somewhere - we just have to locate it

if leave the from blank, system came back to initial one

OK - do the unpaid invoice one instead

just show the latest unpaid purchase invoice

A needle in the hay stack.
Ok, go to Cash at Bank - select bank account balance and lets use the search box.
Put in 2069.15 : you may need the RM as well

nothing. same condition.

Go to Suppliers tab - what information is there on that suppliers line