Purchase Invoice not showing amount after the upgrade


i update the manager desktop add to latest version but my purchase order is showing nothing… all amount and the description has be deleted. how do i get the back ?

How old was your previous desktop edition ?
Does your Purchase Order have the Supplier field completed - Supplier’s name
Did you do a backup before updating ?
When you download do you save a copy before installing ?
Does all other data appear to be OK ?

it was last updated log back. i dont dont when
Purchase order dont have suppliers
i did not backup
yes i saved and then installed
apart from purchase order everything is fine.

What happens if you put a Suppliers name into an existing (pre update) purchase order?
Did you save the previous update to this one - that download date will tell how old.
No Backup - WHY ?

it is not purchase order…instead it is purchase invoice.

i did not take a backup because it was mentioned that i dont need backup as it will just update the software not the data.

its all good now after adding suppliers details. thanks for your quick updates.

OK - so I have edited the topic heading.

Where was it mentioned that backups aren’t required if only doing an update?
ALL software, not just Manager should have data backup before updating.

Various posts have said that nothing should happen to your data during an update. But none have recommended against backups. And many forum members, especially the moderators, have often urged them on a frequent schedule. There is a reason they are called backups.