Sales invoices blank after update

My descriptions, client billing and amounts are all blank after update, any idea how to fix??

I have tried to reinstall update, didnt work.

Manager now requires that all Invoices have a Customer entered. If you click on the Edit for a Sales Invoice does it have a Customer entered.

nope, i manually put in all billing details, i have just tried to ad a generic customer called client, it works but the billing details are all deleted ( its the only way i can see who the invoice is for), can i get them back?

I suggest roll back to previous version and import backup that you, hopefully, made before upgrade. Then you will be able to fill in Customer name and upgrade to newer version.

any idea how i might revert to older version?

When you did the previous download (not the current download) did you save the download file before installing, if yes, then uninstall the current download and re-install the previous download.

If not, do you know the edition number you up graded from ?
Perhaps a user will have a copy of an edition of around that time which they could forward to you.