Invoice Numbers Changed after the upgrade

I have upgrded to newer version of Manager. but when I imported the backup.Invoice numbers are not the same as they were supposed to be.
How I Upgraded?
I took backup of the manager i.o installed on my hard drive. then I have downloaded the newer version from website and then I deleted the older version from the computer and installed newer version and imported the backup into newer version. when I checked invoice numbers. all are changed, before serial was going to 11175, and now it is showing same invoice with invoice number 1332.
how to get back original invoice numbers, we had in older version.
Need urgent help in this matter.

You are doing a lot of unnecessary steps.
When you download the newer version you can either just Run or Save & Run.
Doing either Run will just overwrite the files that require to be updated.
Furthermore, by doing Run you don’t need to import backups as Manager is still looking at the smae data,

By deleting Manager you could be removing files storing current information, so when you do a total new install Manager has no knowledge of previous information.

Because of the frequent version releases - some users update daily/weekly and would be spending (wasting) huge amount of time if they followed your process.

thanks for your prompt response. is there any chance I can get back all the correct invoice number? that is very important for me to get back old record as it was.
need help.
many thanks

@brixton, you are definitely doing this is the wrong way, as @Brucanna has written. Based on what you described, however, you should have gotten back your data correctly. So I have a few more questions:

  1. You say you “took backup of the manager i.o installed on my hard drive.” Do you mean you made a copy of the program itself? Or do you mean you used the Backup button in the program?

  2. If you used the Backup button, do you know where you routed that backup? (You would need to specify a path to a folder.)

  3. When did you make that backup? And what was your previous version number? (The reason for asking this is that file names of backups were recently changed to include dates, so it is now much easier to manage restorations.)

  4. When you imported the backup, did you import it from the same location where you originally stored it? In other words, are you sure it is your most recent backup?

  5. When you restored the business, did it have the same name as before, or did it have a date appended to its name?

  6. Was there ever a time when the invoice you mentioned as an example had the invoice number 1332?

  7. Are the invoice numbers the only things wrong? Are account balances correct? Are all your recent transactions there?

You may see where I am headed with these questions. I suspect that because you used the wrong approach for updating your software you accidentally restored the business from the wrong file. You did things that were not envisioned in the design of the software. As I said, it should be possible to get back your correct data using the approach you vaguely described, but it would also be easy to make mistakes.

that was my first time, that’s why all happened.

  1. I have not made a copy of programme, I have clicked on the backup button and saved backup in a folder.
    2.I know where the backup file is. i can see that.
  2. I made backup before downloading the newer version.
    4, the version I was usingbefore, was downloaded from webiste on 31.07.2015. That setup file is still on my computer, but when I try to install , it gives error now. and does not run. and I have imported the same file which i have got as a backup.
  3. the name is same as it was before, and the data in the invoices and the other sections is also same, only the invoice numbers are changes and I cannot find which invoice is already sent to the buyers and which is not. and the invoices I have sent to buyer are different invoice number and now are different.
  4. that invoice number 1332 is not in real, invoice number 11173 is now showing as 1332.
  5. Only the invoice numbers are wring and unable to match them.
    please if you can help to get back the actual data.

So, your previous version was old enough that it did not save backups with dates. Therefore, the file you imported would just have the same name as the old business, with no date appended. So that doesn’t help.

You should never try to import a newer business backup into an older program. Newer versions of Manager can open older data files. But once a newer version has touched the file, an older program cannot always open it. And that is certainly the case in your situation, because there were several changes in the data structure between July 2015 and now. It was not clear from what you said whether you were trying to use the old program to open a file that had been touched by a newer program, but that is generally bad news.

I think this a problem only @lubos can address. I’ll invite him to join the thread. Since you say everything else seems OK, though, I don’t know whether a fix is possible. By the way, as I reread this thread, I realize you never actually said whether the invoices you are talking about are sales invoices or purchase invoices. That might make a difference, since sales invoices are automatically numbered when they are created.

That problem came only in the sales invoices. sales invoice numbers are changed now and i am unable to find the correct numbers. Remaining everything is fine .