Proposal: Option for General Ledger Transactions report

It would be very convenient if there was an option when creating a new “General Ledger Transactions” report to be able to select only one specific account (rather than all the accounts) for this specific report.

I realise that in principle you can open any account and select the “Export” option already today, but this would require a fair bit of editing/formating each time you want a specific report. By using the standard formating of the “General Ledger Transactions” report, but just for a selected account, a lot of extra work would be saved.

If you search the forum, you will see this capability has been asked for several times previously, along with the ability to specify a date range.

Sounds great… That means other users see the same need.

As for the date range, this is already catered for in the existing “General Ledger Transactions” report generator, so the “only” addition would be the option to select “all accounts” or “One specific account”…

You are right, of course. When I said “along with the ability to specify a date range,” I was referring to just what you mentioned. My meaning would have been clearer if I had said “the existing ability.” The goal, in my mind, is to be able to specify one or more accounts over a defined date range and have them listed in their order in your chart of accounts. I suppose most needs would be met through the ability to choose one or all accounts.