Transaction list for specific accounts on specific dates

Hi. It’d been a while since I’d updated Manager, so I’ve just done that. Yay!

I’m taking a look at the General Ledger report, which is useful.
For my purposes, I’d love to be able to specify which accounts are included in the General Ledger report, maybe via a tick box system. (Right now I need a report on the transactions in just one of my Cash-on-Hand accounts, in 2 weeks time I’ll need a report on only the bank accounts and the cash-on-hand accounts.)

I’ve also noticed that the order of the accounts on the General Ledger report seems to be dictated by date. For example, my report is currently ordered something like this (very simplified version):

Blah-de-Blah Non-Profit

An Income Account
3 Sep 2015
5 Sep 2015
7 Sep 2015

Cash on Hand
3 Sep 2015 (cash in)
5 Sep 2015 (cash in)
5 Sep 2015 (receivable in)
8 Sep 2015 (cash out)

Accounts Receivable
5 Sep 2015

Cash at Bank
7 Sep 2015

An Expense Account
8 Sep

Is there any way I can get the General Ledger report to list my accounts in the order of the Chart of Accounts? I’d find it sooo much easier to get a handle on the transactions that way, and so would the rest of my volunteer Management Committee!


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@Chubacca, you have finally discovered the scheme underlying the organization of this report. I have been wracking my brain trying to figure it out ever since the report appeared.

You have also reiterated requests from several others. And I will add my support once again for:

  1. Presentation in order of chart of accounts or Summary.
  2. Selectable accounts.

Of course, date ranges are already available.

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I support such a report too

Thanks Tut–good to know I’m not doing something wrong here.

And yes, specific dates are available via the General Ledger. (Yay!) I think I put that in the title because I wondered in the back of my brain if it might be possible to access a report on this sort of information (transaction list for a specified account on specific dates) via the account list. Though I guess it’s possible to export that at the moment and then whittle down the information until it’s what’s required. Just time consuming is all!

I also support a printable report in which users can print a list transaction (Debit/Credit) between date ranges for any line in the chart of accounts. For me having the ability to print each of the bank accounts with a list of the Debits and Credits between date ranges would save a lot of time. Thanks.