Ledger transaction report improvements

@lubos - I think that it would be very useful the have a report called “Individual Ledger Transactions” in order to see the transactions of a particular ledger in a particular period. I know that I can do an export from summary but it’s very intricate each time to change the period of the summary, to export it in excel, to format it and to print it as a PDF (and finally to reset the filter of the summary).

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This idea has been raised and favorably commented upon by the developer before. The idea expressed was to be able to designate an account on the General Ledger Transactions report, but the result would be the same. I don’t know why this never made it into the Ideas category. Now it has.

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On General Ledger Transactions report, it is possible to select individual account for quite some time so I’m moving this out of ideas unless there was more to this.

As far as I know, that was the entire objective. I’m not sure why this wasn’t removed from the Ideas category before.