General Ledger Transactions Report

I just have a small suggestion for both General Ledger Transactions report. Presently this report is listed in the order each account has been used, i.e. basically in a chronological order.

This is most likely great or appropriate in some situations. But most of the time it would be nice to have this report arranged so that each account is listed “alphabetically” (and inside the account obviously still in chronological order).

In my chart of accounts I have given each account a “prefix 4-digit number” (as in common in most organisations). With the above solution, it would thus be possible to get the accounts listed as per their logical groupings (Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Income, Cost of sales, Expenses and so on)

The way to implement this could be to hav a selection option similar to the “Accrual/Cash basis” option when creating a Profit and Loss Statement". This would allow the user to either generate a General Ledger report in “Chronological” (as per today) or “Alphabetical” listing…

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I have raised this suggestion several times, as have others. The general consensus among users is that accounts appear in the same order as they do on the Summary. That seems especially advantageous with recent changes in how you can set up the chart of accounts.

The current chronological sequence makes it very hard to compare reports for different time periods, as the presentation order varies.

I hope you did not include these numbers in the account names. Instead, put these numbers in the Code field. That’s what it is for.

Good to hear that this view is shared by other…
And “Yes”, I have found the “Code” field and moved my account numbers here instead.

So basically, my suggestion could be better summaries as follows;
The General Ledger Transactions report should (as an option) be able to list the accounts as per this “code” field.

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When it comes to implementation, I don’t think an option to list in code order is necessary. Listing in order per the Summary will accomplish the same thing, even for those who do not use codes.

The latest version (16.2.5) shows accounts on general ledger transactions report in order as they are set up in Chart of Accounts

Way cool. Thanks. I look forward to eventually being able to select accounts and date ranges. Probably that will happen via custom reports? But this is logical and a big step forward.