Selection of Accounts on the General Ledger Transaction section

Hi There, its just an idea, is that possible to add another dropdown account selection on the Ledger Transactions section? So we can select from and to what accounts to be viewed in once. Actually this is can be done by batch view but it is need a lot of work to create individual ledger transaction report by account and date.

From this

to this

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This is not practically possible. The account codes can be anything as per user choice and there is no guarantee that they would follow a particular series to define a range of account codes.

I think it makes sense and could be possible. So we can view multiple accounts in one click and don’t have to make individual reports and view them one by one, it will take a lot of time!

If the user just want to view one specific account, they just need to select the same account in two (from/to) selection boxes. it will show only one specific account. But if they want to view more that one account he can do the selections.

Or the other option is, no need for two account selection box, one is enough but the user can select multiple accounts like this below

I think if this menu exists we can display the full general ledger accounts where there is begining and ending balance in it where the custom reports can’t do!


It only looks possible to you because your accounts are sequentially numbered. As @sharpdrivetek said, that is not the case for everyone. Many users don’t use account codes at all.

We can create as many general ledger transaction reports as we want, but we can only chose one account to be displayed! why can’t we select more than one account without creating new report again! so we don’t have to come back again to the account selection drop down menu to select another account to be viewed. or making new report.

I find the ability to nitpick accounts on GL transactions report very useful. Especially if it’s handled like this:

@ralfie, you are new to the forum. I don’t know how long you have used Manager. But it may interest you to know that the ability to select a single account is recent. Not so long ago, your only option was a report with all accounts.

this could be beneficial.
but I think that the program needs to improve in general to accommodate this feature because I cannot think of any form in Manager where the user is able to select multiple list items in a single field except for Report Transformations.


Yes I new to the forum and I’ve only been using this software for a month. I am an Accountant. I was using some software such sun Sun System, Odoo, accurate, MYOB and Frontaccouting. I like because of the interface is simple, modern, clean and neat but the features inside is powerful.

The other thing is is a Freemium software. User can use all the features for free forever, and have an option to pay fair fee for online or server version. Actually there are some opensource software that also free but the interface is old style

Because I have been using some software before that’s I way i found and suggest the idea above. I think my idea will make proses to create the reporting more simple, no need many clicks to get the general ledger transactions report done.

Also sometimes we need to work with a “traditional mindset” Auditor which they want to see a ledger with beginning and ending balance stated, even though there were no transactions inside it.

I searched and read in the forum discussion that there were so many people debate about this balance on the ledger! agree and disagree


Ability to select multiple accounts for General Ledger Transactions report will be a nice thing to have but I do not think many users need that now.

It will be great if you can add the choice of multiaccount to the general ledger report as need it to our bussiness