General Ledger Transactions

Dear Sir
The recently added General Ledger Transactions for a particular account is one of the best feature of this software.
Could you please include this feature in the summary page itself for immediately find out the details of a
particular account?.
To know the transactions of a particular account from the Report section is very slow,
because we have to change the date, select the account, and create the report, for every time,
after viewing the report, we have to repeat all these procedures for viewing the Ledger report of
another account also.

Just click on the balance for any account to see the transactions contributing to it. If an account is a control account with subsidiary ledgers, click again on the balance of the subsidiary ledger. The drill-down result can be exported.

@Tut, I have read that it’s now possible to get transaction of a particular account of general transaction in custom report. I have to admit that I tried many ways but failed to get the desired report.

So, what exactly to fill in to get such report. I have gone through the guides too but couldn’t find any guide on exact selection to make in each parameter to get such report.

@sonicgroup, you seem to be confusing two features. The General Ledger Transactions report is not a custom report. It is available for all businesses under the Reports tab. For a single account, select the desired account from the dropdown box:


You could obtain essentially the same information with a custom report, but why go through all the work when it is available as a built-in report?

Thank you so much for your helping tip. I never had idea that single account ever existed. Previously, I could get just overall General transaction report. it’s an addition of a wonderful feature, to say the least.

On the side line, is it possible to get a single account report of account receivable from general transaction report?

To add to above, I just discovered that it is possible to get the required report of single account receivable from customer statement transaction.

So, got my answer. Thanks