Project Module: Request Improvement

Hi everyone. I have been extensively using Manager Desktop Version nowadays. Seeing this forum, I love that most of the request are attended and are realised. With this, may I open this topic to request the below.

  1. Link Projects with Customers.
  • I understand that during creation of invoice, we link projects based on accounts, however I’d like to request a functionality that once we link a customer invoice to a project, only projects linked to that customer shows? Or perhaps developers @lubos could implement a better way.
  1. Profitability of Customer Linked Projects.
  • If there are 3 projects for a customer, then show the profitability on Customer Accounts.
  1. Project Code and Status
  • Maybe enabling custom fields on projects would solve this.
  1. Show Sales and Purchase Qoutes linked.
  • Sales quotation should be linked on quote level, while purchase will be item level.

Addressing your numbered requests:

  1. It is not appropriate to link projects solely to one customer. Many projects could include multiple customers. For example, a tour company might create a project for each vacation tour with each guest as a customer.

  2. Project profitability is already available. As for the rest, Manager does not calculate profitability per customer, with or without projects. The parameters that determine profitability cannot all be associated with individual customers. So where are you proposing that this “profitability” be shown?

  3. Project codes can be included in their titles. Status can be only active or inactive. When inactive, names are greyed out in the Projects tab list. There is no other status to display. There are no criteria by which any other status could be determined. As already mentioned, project profitability can already be viewed in the Projects tab.

  4. What do sales and purchase quotes have to do with projects? What are you suggesting they be linked to? You can already monitor the status of sales and purchase quotes. They are linked, under appropriate circumstances, to sales and purchase invoices. See, for example, Monitor sales quote status | Manager.

thanks @Tut . I hope the bug with regards to custom field in project be fixed soon.

Anyway, do you have any plans on adding outstanding Balance (Accounts Receivable) per project?

Also, can you also make the projects linked to a customer show in customer tab?

@ibadlon, as I already told you, projects are not linked to customers. They are independent characteristics of income and expenses. So neither of your suggestions fits the projects scheme.

Also, I am not the developer.

Just my 2 cents here. Although it may be the developers intent to keep the customers and projects separate, I had an account some years ago where any construction project that was accepted by the company was at the request of a specific customer. Customers could have several projects active at any given time and a project was only pertinent to that particular customer. The company also developed profitability accounting by customer based on the custom projects for which they had contracted.