Project Administration

Dear Team Members

As I am very fond of using Manager and I am more than happy how all parties involved are increasing the usability of the program

On this I would like to propose / ask the following.

As Manager is a strict accounting program; i.e. the moment of firm booking is leading I would ask if the project part of the program can be increased with purchase orders (not yet paid of no invoice yet received) but on order.

Further a payment or receipt should also be able to link directly in to a project. (now I have to add a line and delete it to get the field project see picture project 1 and project 2)

Or the custom report an option is to be made to present also purchase orders in a (designed) report.

Legally an order (not yet delivered) is not a part of the financial obligations, however for the balance of the project it is something to keep in the mind what will be hitting you.

Thanks and kind regards

If you select Project on purchase order, then it will become part of the cost of the project. Have you tried that?

I did; that is working
but if i start from purchase quote, and copy in to purchase order that i do not have the option

OK. What are you proposing should be happening instead of current behavior?

at the momet all is working as it should be
i think i created the project to late in the process
i noted that you have to create the project and than you ccan link lines to it and not visa versa

but the complement still remains.