Add Custom Fields to projects

I ask for a very important feature, which is to add support Custom Fields for projects
I want to sort my projects according to the customer and according to the workplace and according to the customer, all of this is not possible until the moment

thanks @lubos

Added to the latest version (22.9.26)

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Thank you for this development

@lubos Custom fields on printed document is not working.

Try without using a Custom Theme.

What document?

I have no themes under projects

But you have for document, maybe answering @Joe91 will help to move this forward.

This thread is for projects. So am assuming the project document if ever there is such a thing.

@Mule1 you wrote

Given your replies not sure what you are asking as you refer to this in relation to projects meanwhile you now also indicate there is no such document, so please what are you then referring to?

@eko my undestanding is that under this topic, @lubos has just informed us that he has added custom feilds to the projects. Correct me if am wrong, to every document that have custom fields, from quotations, to sales orders to imvoices etc, we see ‘show custom fields in columns and also show custom fields on printed documents’. My observation is that this custom field on projects only shows on columns and not on printed documents for projects. I just thought thats what it is supposed to be.

Showing custom fields on documents refers to completed transaction documents (view screens). Project definitions are not transactions. So the custom fields are only for information about the projects. Just because you choose a project for a line item on a transaction does not mean custom fields that contain information about the project will appear on a transaction form.

I was just asking. I am sure consistency is key at the end of the day otherwise we could ommit the option of checking printed documents because as it stands its missleading. This is not to say it is not inportant to have it print on the document as this requirement, to me am not sure about others, is imported as print out this document for filling purposes and more information is needed to be captured

@Mule1 I will need to do something differently under Projects tab to make it consistent with other tabs. But there is already another topic in ideas category that needs to add attachments to projects. So once that issue is resolved, it will resolve custom fields on printed documents too.


thanks @lubos , please add ability to create purchase/sales order, invoice…etc. from projects tab it self by this way all related sales, purchase will assigned automatically to this project assigning every row to the project is very confusing
thanks for your effort .

@Sarwat I am sorry but do not support the idea to add these tabs to the project tab. For example we often order from one supplier items for multiple projects and as such assigning a project to a line-item (row) as currently practiced is preferred. Similarly we have customers that purchase from several projects.

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