Need guidance to link Project to Customer

Hi Experts,

While searching forums for a way to link Projects to customers, I could not find anything recent which could help how this can be handled.

Is anyone handling this situation differently ? I wish to link all projects by customers. This would also provide visibility on number of projects done/in progress for a customer.

Thank you.

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Sounds like a good idea in principle but how would that work?

We have projects executed per customer. If we can track those with project IDs and linked to customer, we can drill down to the customer-specific projects when needed. As a future state, we can have reports showing details of multiple projects by customer.

As future idea, we may need more project-related fields like project ID, description, and attachments section (I may be sounding greedy at this point, so I’ll stop) :slight_smile:

That is because projects themselves are a fairly recent addition to Manager (not quite 9 months old) and it cannot currently be handled.

@aqtms, what you suggest sounds simple, but would be far more complex than you perhaps realize. Your projects might all be keyed to specific customers. That is a very limited, one-to-one relationship. Fine; put the customer’s name in the project title.

But projects can also involve multiple customers, suppliers, divisions, or all of these at once. When @Ealfardan asked “how would that work,” I am fairly certain he was asking how you could implement such a scheme in a global sense applicable to all business situations, not just your own. It cannot be simply a matter of drilling down from a customer list to see projects related to a customer. If that’s all you want to do, customer names in project titles would allow you to search the Projects tab for a customer’s name.

You could also do quite a bit with custom reports.

Right, completely understandable, Tut. What sounds simple has a lot of work behind it for sure.

Under Projects, can we get option to add custom fields, or as a starter, just two fields: Project ID and Project Description. This way we can have project ID coded to include customer ID (or anything else the business may want to use). Project description can help identify what the project is for.

Thank you.

That exactly what I was thinking. One example comes to mind is an event or an exhibition, which is a single project with multiple customers. How would that be handled?

Another complication that got me a bit hesitant is the project field in the forms, say, an invoice. How would we prevent selection of the “wrong” project. I guess most users would want some validation to be in place. I can’t think of anything similar to this currently in use within Manager.

That is a good idea and maybe in itself should be put under the ideas category.