Manager Does Not start

I have loaded manager desktop edition onto my laptop but it will not start. There are no error messages.

I am running windows 8.1 on a 64-bit operating system.

Not sure what to check now. You’re help would be appreiciated.


I can only suggest that you start again by uninstalling Manager via Control Panel - Programmes.

In windows explorer go to the following locations and delete the “Manager” folders:
C:/users/(user name)/appdata/roaming - Manager
C:/users/(user name)/appdata/local - Manager

Shut the computer down - not a restart - wait a few minutes and then re-start the computer.
Do the Desktop Edition download using the link at the top of the Forum page

You have the choice of Run or Save, if you elect to Save first, then click Run after the Save.
Initially only use the default settings. At the end of the install, ensure “Open Manager” is ticked then click Finished and Manager should open - toes crossed.

I have installed it that way twice. I have tried the installation by save & run the file and saving the file to the dard drive and running the file. each time I uninstalled the previous installation , rebooted before running the file again. The program seems to install without any errors but will not run. I have tried restarting after the installation and then running but with no luck.

I tried crossing my toes but that didn’t help, it only gave me sore toes.

I installed the file on a windows 7 OS and a windows 10 OS and they both work

If you have installed the programme on two other computers without an issue, then it would suggest its a problem with the computer rather then with the programme