Program will not run


Hi I have been using MANAGER for about 4 months now and it works perfectly until last night. I click the icon to lead manager on my desk top but nothing happened. I waited but it did not load. I clicked the icon again and still the program did not load. I ran the fix program and even reinstalled it but the program just will not load anymore. Can someone please help me.


What operating system are you using?
What program version did you download and from what web site?


I am using Windows 8 and the program was downloaded from the master website from Manager.


Sorry, I’m a Mac user. There have been many Windows users complaining of operability problems lately. Search the forum and you may find something relevant.


Thanks Will probably have to try a different program some place else as we can no longer access our business.


I think this is related to the recent Windows 8 update. Sadly, there is nothing I can do about this. You have some program on your computer using no longer supported API. The usual suspect is some outdated VPN or network security software.

See similar issue which has been resolved: Manager won't start on Windows