Profit and Loss >> Drill Down

when we check details from profit and loss statement @ version 20.2.88
#, Description, Contact are shown from Receipt/Payment
We used Description as collector information and it’s very helpful to trace us
After upgrade latest version

shown from Sales Invoice Information
Is this possible to show information from Receipt/Payment or add information from Receipt/Payment

You need to illustrate whatever you are discussing. Drill-downs from the Profit and Loss Statement report on any account balance show the transactions contributing to that particular account’s balance, whether they come from sales/purchase invoices, receipts/payments, credit/debit notes, etc. They include the Description field, taken by default from the individual line item. If there is no line item description, the content (if any) of the top-level Description field for the overall transaction is substituted.

There is no situation where an entry in the drill-down can come from both a sales invoice and a receipt. Each entry comes from only one place.

go to profit and loss
then drill down sales account
version 20.2.88

when you click 198000
you will get result

receipt listing

receipt 2

receipt 15

version 20.8.3

when click 198000

I can send you backup data if you are not clear

You do not need to send backup data. You need to explain why you are showing these transactions.

In your initial post, you seemed to be complaining that you had been using description information, implying that it was now missing. It is not.

You then seemed to ask if information from receipts and payments could be shown for sales invoices. I explained that the two were mutually exclusive. I expected your illustrations to show what you thought was a problem. Instead, you have shown several drill-downs, some of which are unexplained. And you have shown various receipts and invoices from different versions of the program that do not match your drill-downs. So I do not understand what you are trying to illustrate. Please explain.

Yes, some display formats have changed, providing more explicit information than they used to. But you have not shown why you think this causes any problem.

I don’t understand what you are complaining to me.
I am showing P&L >> Drill Down>> shown Receipt/payment information >> original receipt and payment voucher

Latest Version shown
P&L >> Drill Down>> shown Sales Invoice Information >> original invoice

You can just test in 2 version, you will get what I’m talking

I don’t know what you want me to test for.

You have not explained a problem.