Drill down of retained Earning

Previously one could drill down the retained earning, now it is not possible. Now if one clicks on Summary retained earning it shows same but now drill dont work. Can it be restored, please.
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Update your software. That was a very temporary thing. What has changed is that the drill-down will now only list transactions posted directly to the account rather than every transaction that affected it indirectly.

But in this way one can not fine out if there is any sale/purchase invoice effecting retained earning. I think earlier option should be restored, please.

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All sale and purchase invoices affect retained earnings

Yes, that is the reason, drill down should be available

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Current implementation shows only transactions posted directly to Retained Earnings account and all other transactions affecting profit/loss are collapsed into single line. You can drill-down into these profit/loss transactions by simply drilling-down into profit & loss accounts.

Sale Invoices are listed in the Sale Invoices tab
Purchase Invoices are listed in the Purchase invoices tab

Why would you want to see them in a drill down in Retained Earnings?

That;s perhaps the most easy way to see what are contribution to retained earning, as it also shows the expenditure also.

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that information is all available on the Summary screen

Why I am not arguing with your usage, as others have, but the thing here is that your P&L and Retained Earnings are one and the same thing. That is, if your first year P&L shows a profit of 1000 and the Retained Earning account is showing 1000 then you are looking at the same thing. The drill down analysis is the same. In a second year, your P&L will show a current year balance while the Retained Earnings will show a cumulative balance. So the question is, what does the drill down on the Retained Earnings show which you can’t see via the P&L.

did you find a solution to this
please do let me know as well that was a very crucial thing for manager and i may totally abandon the software because of this

please od help if you found a solution for this

@Bilal_Pervaiz, no solution is being searched for. This was a deliberate change to the program. If you read this entire thread, you will see that the information is still available.

Hello tut
Earlier if i wanted to see the contribution per customer towards my profitiibility i coupd simple search the customer name and all the entries would come up a simple addition and subtraction gave me the total positive contrivution of that particular customer.
Now it done in a single line.
It impossible to calculate that small but very crucial thing.
More the detail the better it was no harm

But is there a way of calculating or generating a custom report for caluclating profit per customer??

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That depends on how you define profit per customer.

The simplest way forward its a small business with a single owner
Simple sale and purchase

That isn’t profitability.

i know its jsut a general idea
we are supplying goods in a high bad debt market
if we know an aprox of how much money aprox we have made from a customer we know wht to expect in settlements
earlier the retained earning feautre really helped but tht is gone now
the info is all avaialble there but now it consolidated please help in tht matter

Surely to various customer reports defined over a suitable period is a better way of examining customer performance than a drill down on retained earnings.


  • Aged Receivables
  • Customer Summary
  • Customer Statements (Unpaid invoices)
  • Customer Statements (Transactions)

is there a way of calculating or generating a custom report for caluclating profit per invoice as well in previous version??

is it possible to reverse the prevois update in which drill dwon option were available
as shown in this pic