Drill-down on Balance due shows incorrect receipt dates

A customer has made previous payments that result in them having a credit in their Accounts receivable. Today we issued them an invoice for an amount greater than their available credit. They also made another payment, which we receipted. If I open the Sales invoices tab and drill down on the Balance due amount next to today’s invoice I can see the previous receipts as well as the one from today, and today’s sales invoice. However, the date for all receipts is today, even though only the latest one is from today:

The dates show correctly on the invoice itself:

And on the drill-down into Accounts receivable from the Customers tab:

I’m on Cloud edition, version

The dates in your first screenshot are posting dates against the new sales invoice, which did not exist when the receipts were entered. The second screenshot shows transaction dates for clarity with the customer. The third lists posting dates against the Accounts receivable balance. All is as designed. For the drill-downs, note what you are drilling down into.

OK. I can understand the logic, although I still think I would find it more intuitive if the dates in the first screenshot were the dates that the funds were received. The date of posting against the invoice seems self-evident.

Is this the way it has always worked? It wasn’t what I was expecting to see when I drilled down, so I’m wondering if anything changed or it’s just the first time I’ve noticed this.

There has certainly been evolution in displays over the years. But it has been in the direction of providing more and more useful information. I believe this behavior has been in place for a couple years.

OK, thanks @Tut for your input.