Receipt & Payment - Report enhancement

Request you to consider account heads to be grouped on the basis of profit loss and balance sheet. I am attaching the file which i had made out of the report from the system

It could be found easily that 66% is pl receipt but pl payment is only 26% indicating that more is saved.

Request you to consider

I have no idea what you are talking about, sorry

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As @Joe91 indicates this is incomprehensible. Also some miscalculations.

You write:

  1. Total receipt d is a (343,451,84) + b (408,477,83) and give it a wrong total of 1,200,210.44. The actual total for d = 408,477.83

  2. In receipt+op balance e=a+d you then decide to add another time a (343,451,84) to this and put a total as 1,543,662.27, Why adding a twice? In any case the real figure replacing d in line 1 with 408,477.83 this would be 751,929.67

  3. I guess Balance sheet fis your current total of the Balance Sheet (1,136,253.23)

  4. I guess Profit & Loss g is your current total of the Profit & Loss account (395,088.89)

  5. Not sure what you mean by total Payment h=f+g as there is no transaction involved thus nor can receipts nor payments be totalled.

  6. What do you try to do? what does this closing balance i=e+h try to show? You mention twice Balance Sheet b and fand twice Profit and Loss c and g. What is the difference (besides amounts) between these?

What “account heads” are you referring to? Grouping on what basis related to the profit and loss statement or balance sheet?

No, @Partha, you have not attached any file. You have included an unexplained image of a table that does not come from Manager. You do not mention what “report,” nor from what “system” you made it. You also give no indication what we are supposed to learn by looking at this image. You have already seen others’ reactions to it—total confusion.

What does this mean? More is saved of what, and compared to what? And why is that relevant (if it is)?

No one can consider anything until you explain yourself. Are you asking for something? Showing others something you believe you have accomplished? Presumably, you want something related to some report, but what? What was the point of opening this topic?

Account heads are broadly classified as balance sheet or Profit and loss account.

Receipt and payment of the account be attributed to either balance sheet account head or profit and loss account head

i was finalizing my account for financial year for tax purposes.

My cash in flows through balance sheet items are 34% and outflows are 74% indicating that not only i reinvested by balance sheet based items like FD maturity, but also i invested 40% more using my revenue flows into assets.

i have taken the copy of the receipt and summary to xls. created two new columns

  1. receipt or payment
  2. balance sheet or profit and loss

made pivot summary to analze whether my revenue cash in flows are used for revenue cash outflow or for purpose of balance sheet cash out flow

Your link to a PDF was deleted because it was a security risk to others.

You have still not explained what this has to do with Manager b


Cash flow could be from revenue account or from balance sheet accounts.
inflow from balance sheet account could be due to maturity of bonds and fixed deposits
inflow from revenue account could be due to interest, dividend, rent etc…

Outflow from balance sheet account could be investments in bonds / house/ fixed deposits
Outflow from revenue account could be all type of expenditure

receipt and payment could be group as under:

Accounts tagged to balance sheet
Accounts tagged to income and expenditure
Accounts tagged to balance sheet
Accounts tagged to income and expenditure

in the mis which i had attached, i had balance sheet in flow of 34% but outflows were 74%, indicately the revenue income was used for investment by 40%

thanks for deleting the pdf

@Partha I am still not clear what you try to explain and you did not respond to my post especially points 1, 2 and 6.

From your latest post wonder why you do not use both indirect and direct Cash-Flow Reports as both balance sheet and P&L inflows and outflows are presented and tell you the net increase/decrease in cash.

And you still have not told us why you started this topic.