Production order

I faced today a limit in the production order function which is; the model is limited to 100 order only and if I want to record more production orders the costs associated with RM does not transferred into new produced items. How to solve this issue as my work is completely shutdown right now.

There is no such limit. You probably have a situation where you do not own the input items and therefore have no average cost. To know certainly, you would need to furnish much more information.

There is a sufficient quantity and when use it in the production process the quantity decreases correctly but the costs associated does not transferred to the new items.

You need to post screen shots of relevant production orders and the Inventory Items listing showing average cost of the input items before the production order.

Before production%20order%23101

See the screen shots before and after and notice the average cost per unit

The remaining units of 920.43 should have the same average cost of 1.169 with total cost of 1,076.337 instead of the both average and total costs shown in the screen naming AFTER.

Your description of the problem has changed. First, you said you had a limit on production quantities of 100. But your own screen shot shows you produced 1,003.31 units of item 204. Then you said costs do not transfer to the newly produced items. But your complaint now seems to be that average cost of the old items changes while you think it should remain constant. Yet other transactions might have been entered that also affect average cost. Meanwhile, your screen shots only show parts of the screens, so it is not possible to tell what has happened.

Please describe your problem carefully and completely. Include every step, no matter how small and include screen shots that actually illustrate it, whatever it might be. Show the Edit screens of transactions, not the View screens.

I addressed the problem very carefully and it is clear that there is a problem with the costs that should be transferred to the new items produced and this only appears in order# 101
The previous 100 production orders ran correctly.

By the way, I delete it and re-entered it again and the same problem appears

So, any suggestions to solve the problem!!

Yes. My suggestion is to answer the questions you were asked and provide the screen shots that were requested twice. When you only insist you have done everything correctly and will not provide necessary troubleshooting information, no one can help.

Thanks, your suggestion is very helpful.

Please let someone else take the lead in this case.

have you purchased the item with different price after production order 100?
have you tried to change the date ? if this is related from added costs you dont remember like freight etc
have you tried to say thank you to @Tut and follow his advises maybe because he is a forum moderator he was patient to analyse your problem and have more experience with the soft and related practices then most of the people here and he is trying to help ?

The average costs related to each item after order 100 is attached and then recorded production order 101 as attached then the average costs directly after production order is also attached. There is no transactions recorded after so the costs doen not affected by any higher purchase prices.

Believe me I tried all possible solutions such as changing the production order date to see the effect but unfortunately the same problem appears.

I minimized the potential possibilities that might cause the problem and described the problem in a very simple way do I can get a solution (help) in the fastest time.

Either we have some suggestions to solve the problem or simply we dont know any other suggestions does not help.

If you don’t provide copies of the edit screens and steps as requested by Tut then no one is able to understand your problem in enough detail to provide an answer.

If you want help, you must provide much more detail including screen images
If you can’t do this, then, unfortunately, no one can help you

While the problem appears clear to you sitting in front of your screen, it is not at all clear to me nor others. We can only guess at what you are seeing and describing it in words is not sufficient for us to understand and help

My I ask you @MohammadSami
Do you have any inventory write-off before the date of the production order#101?