Production Order Problem I Think Its A Bug

Hi normally when i do a production order i manufacture the product first and then ill do another tow production orders to pack the product into 5LT AND 20LT in this instance i manufactured 200lt of the product .100LT for the 5 LT and the other 100 for the 20lt both the 5lt and 20lt have been sold but i then noticed that the inventory cost has not been subtracted this how i do it all the time and has not been a problem until now

For you to suggest its a bug, have you updated Manger in between this and the last production run ?
Does the amount represent a residual value or the total production value (200L) ?

Unfortunately, the Production Orders in Manager doesn’t list the costings/valuations used therefore the user can’t check (audit) situations like these - so is left to assume it must be a program bug.

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its the total production value and i have updated manager in between

OK, rather then de-constructing your existing transactions, lets take the following two steps.

  1. Lets validate that the value wasn’t there before the Manager Update.
    On the Summary tab rename your existing business by adding (Main) after the name.
    Using a backup from prior to the update do “Add Business” - “Import Backup”
    Open that business and rename it as “Pre Update Backup”
    Go to the Inventory Items - Product Before Packaging and check the values, if all zero go to (2)
    Take a screenshot

  2. You could use either the “Pre Update Backup” business or ADD a “Test” Business

If using the “Pre Update Backup” just ensure there is sufficient inventory to cover the production orders then go to (a), if not create a purchase invoice adding sufficient inventory using current Avg Costs values

If adding a Test business then create a Test Supplier, and re-create the various Inventory items used for the two stages plus the “product before packaging”, don’t worry about opening stock qtys or values.

Enter a Purchase Invoice that would contain all the Inventory items with qtys greater then required for the production orders but with costs = to your current Avg Costs for those items Take a screenshot of the Inventory Items - pre production inventory. then go to (a)

(a) Do your first production order to create the “product before packaging”.
Verify that all inventory values have adjusted correctly
Then repeat for the second & third production orders

Could you send me your accounting file to I think this is a bug since if quantity on hand is zero, value on hand should be also zero.

Generally the value on hand should be instantly written off to inventory expense account but it doesn’t appear to be happening in your case.

hi lubos sorry to ask but when u say accounting file do you mean a backup of my manager ?


thanks for the help i sent you the accounting file

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