Error in Total cost

In the screen shot, fail to understand making and sale cost variation and at the end just 2 unit costing huge amount.

Can you show all the physical quantity movements for the product

Also with the latest version, you can see the production cost on the production order

Another possibility is that the production stage has not been set correctly for the inventory items

This can happen when there is negative inventory on production orders.

Some costs contributed by input items on production order are “delayed”. This screen doesn’t quite explain how the average cost is being calculated. This is new screen only added recently and I’m still experiementing how best to present it.

Thank u very much for the reply, yes movement of item is correct and also stage correctly set.

I checked there is no negative inventory, neither it is showing insufficient inventory in the production order.

Show the production orders?

Viewing production order doesn’t reveal when those costs were actually added to general ledger.

So if the Sales Invoice number 30 on 15 Feb is edited will the Cost of Sales be recalculated using the new average production cost of 577?

Asking me Joe?? I have really no idea

Stage is properly set, please.

I update to 20.7.41, it also doesnt show avg cost colm,

It looks like the average cost used for the sales invoice of 15 Feb does not include the costs of last two items used in the PO

Nicotinamide 960
Betaine 32,775
Total 33,735

Cost of sales 142,724
Total 176,459

so kind for such study, what could be the reason, please??

When were these two raw material purchased or added to the Production order?
Was it after the Sales Invoice was created?

nicotinamide is use

But was there a quantity in stock on 9 Feb 2020 when the Production Order was created?

yes, please.

@Skn This issue is being addressed. Upgrade to the latest version and check this topic.