Production Order Issue with ítem quantity

I have an issue with production some production orders. I don’t know why the production quantity of an ítem is not reflected as entered in the production order. As an example I enter 100 in the production order quantity and the when I check that particular ítem it is zero

Another production order doesn’t show as zero but an incorrecta quantity not corresponding to the production order.

That number should be 100 instead.

Where did you capture your screen shots? You did not include the heading information, so it is not possible to know what you are showing. Also, can you post screen shots of the production orders involved so we can see what you think they are supposed to show?

Thank you for your prompt response. The 1st screenshot is taken when I consulta the inventory and click on the ítem quantity, I get this listín of the movements of the ítem. Then I check the respectiva production order and it shows the correct amount. 35 PM
This is the production order that shows as zero. The following corresponde to the line showing as 41.80007 PM

you probably misunderstood how the production orders function.

in your production you are producing a finished product from many other products.

image this is your finished product. 27 numbers will be added to your inventory.

these are the items and the quantity used to produce the above finished product (27 numbers).
so these items are consumed to produce the finished products and so these will be subtracted from the inventory quantity.

if you are looking for making many finished products from a single raw material, then that feature is still under development.

you can read the guide here Use production orders to manufacture inventory items | Manager

I understand how the production order work. I use it as an assembly of 27 Items and the bill of materiales is what I use to produce those ítems. In this case 100 should be deducted from this particular ítem as I used 100 to produce the 27 assemblys. The problem is that when consulting the item movements it shows as 0 or 41.800 in other case so inventory balance is incorrect.

Something funny I notice on that second production order is that it is dated september 29 but it show in the list as october 9.

Are you sure you remembered to click Create when you wrote the production order? It looks like you are comparing production orders with inventory movement on different dates.

You posted screen shots of the View screen of the two production orders. Can you post the Edit screens? They contain more information.

For your production order of Oct 5 the qty shows zero because you have no inventory on Oct 5.
The production order of Sep 29, used up the 525 available.
When you purchased more inventory on Oct 9 (1500) the 100 from Oct 5 is deducted on Oct 9
Same with Oct 6 Production Order, qty is also showing zero but on Oct 9 the Oct 6 525 is deducted.

With production orders - quantities can’t go into minus, so they are deducted after the next purchase.

I think you find the Oct 9 (525) relates to Oct 6 not Sep 29 which is a production for the same product.

The problem of the sale of goods that do not have in stock.
You can not sell something if you do not have the stock.

Not necessarily, many online business sell items (take orders) first and then purchase the stock as required.

Physically there is no need to be present, but book-keeping Yes.

I will have to check all transactions on this item because the balance does not make sense.