Production order cost calculation error

Today I encountered and a very strange situation, I made a production order from 7 inventory items, it gave me cost of 65359, once I calculated manually using avg cost of system there was a diff of 9700. System showed 9700 more. Can someone guide please.

You need to post screen shots illustrating this problem. Also, make sure you update your software. There have been several very recent changes that could be related.

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Here are screen shots plz. secondly I am using 20.5.81

@Skn, your screen shots do not illustrate anything. The first shows a spreadsheet, which is completely irrelevant to Manager. There is simply no connection. The second shows part of a production order Edit screen, which contains no cost information. In other words, you have not furnished any information to support your claim that Manager is calculating the wrong cost of a production order.

You would need to show shots from the Inventory Items tab listing the average cost of the finished item. Then drill down on the total cost of the item to see what makes up the total cost.

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