Suggestions to improve

I would like to point out some features that would greatly improve the user experience generally. I am not including in the list any feature that can be made available by theme customization. Few may have already been discussed in the forum. I am just trying to get everything in one place for the ease of admin.

  1. Tool Tips - It would be great if we get tool tips atleast for the modules on the LHS when they are in collapsed view. It is difficult and sometimes confusing which is the main reason I personally do not use it in collapsed view. This can also overcome the difficulty in scrolling left and right while making a sales invoice for example.

  2. Rearrange Modules - Ability to rearrange the LHS modules while enabling them as per the user priority will increase the user-friendliness.

  3. Updates - In desktop version there is no feature to notify the user of a new release unless the user visits the website and checks for himself. The ‘About Manager’ section could notify the user of a new update along with the release notes and the link to update. It will also be great if the minor updates are received as patches of small file size rather than the need to download the whole program again. This can be extremely useful for most users as the majority of them would be on a metered internet connection. The ability of Manager while updating to create automatic backup to the folder defined in the Application data area will be an icing on the cake.

  4. Inventory Kits - In a manufacturing company the inventory kit can be utilized as a Bill Of Materials. But this can be possible only if the stock quantity of inventory items added to the inventory kit are updated when making production orders. This would greatly help manufacturing companies since the production of a finished good would include many inventory items as raw materials (in our case approx. 80 items) At present the inventory kit cannot be selected when issuing a production order.

  5. Price list for customers - This can be helpful when the same type of goods are sold to different customers.

  6. Signature - The internal pdf generator is a great feature available in Manager. It would be an added feature if there was an option to include a digital signature which can be selected from the digital signature certificates installed on the computer. This will enable to email the document within Manager itself and eliminate the need to sign the pdf externally and mail the same to party.


Inventory Kits - Its purpose is to combine different Finished Goods into a package, box set.
Production Orders - Its purpose is to combine Raw Materials into Finished Goods.

There is absolutly no processing connection between them, Inventory Kits and Production orders.

Cant the inventory kits be used both ways then? Else I guess a BOM feature will be required for a manufacturing business.

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The inventory kit at present do not show the list of inventory items contained in the kit on a document be it invoice, quotes or anything. So why not utilize the same as a BOM for finished goods. The user anyway knows what he has created under a kit. Those users who are using the kit to include a list of items to sell can continue using the same way and manufacturing business users can use the same to create production orders and sell the kit as a finished goods.

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No it can’t, Inventory Kits don’t create stock quantities for that Item, it is only creates an Item title - so there isn’t any finished good to be sold.

ok i get it now. thanks.

i guess the suggestion would be then to ask the user whether its a finished good while creating an inventory kit. And if it is a finished good the stock shall be updated.

Sorry if i am wrong but I guess this would be easier for the developer than creating a whole new module for BOM. And BOM is a must have feature for us manufacturing businesses. The present system of creating the production order is a lot of work when the number of finished goods are more.

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Read this topic for various suggestions regarding “standard size batches”

thank you. but as i said in the first post i had gone through the forum and put most of the suggestions already discussed in one place.

the topic you pointed to does have ideas to clone which at present everyone can use and i am using it. but that is not practical for every day use in most manufacturing businesses. a business may produce 100 types of finished goods each day and it is not practical to search the same to clone the next day. it is just time consuming. creating a production order will take more time than manufacturing the actual product. :wink:

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Is it possible to add some columns under “Good Receipt” in order to be more funcional?

For example, under “Delivery Notes” report there are columns:
“Delivery Date”, “#”, “Order Number”, “Invoice Number”, “Customer”, “Description”

Is it possible respectively under “Good Receipt” report, to show columns like:
“Receipt date”, “#”, “PO Number”, “Purchase invoice number”, “Supplier”, “Description”

Thank you

Such report may be required, it can be done through a sql in custom report. but need to know the table schema, can some one help on accessing the table schema.

This is not need it because the “PO Number” and the “Purchase Invoice Number” already exists in the Good receipt Form, the only problem is that is not show in the list of Good Receipt, it’s very easy for @lubos to implement this