Production order not showing true status

I currently use a separate MRP for my small manufacturing process. Unfortunately it does not have any accounting capabilities. I am currently using Manager for my accounting system and wish to use the production orders to make my system fully integrated.
I have entered all the starting balances into inventory (end of financial year). When I produce a production order with a quantity greater than the inventory I have in stock it still shows “Completed”.
Am I missing something?

Production order status is based on what Manager believes you own. So more is involved than starting balances. You need to furnish much more information before guidance can be offered.

When I generate a production order for say 5 units (stage 2) and there are only 4 units (Stage 1) of each inventory item in stock, the production status shows “Complete” but when I check the inventory it has only decreased by 1 and not 5 as would be expected.

no user can provide help without knowing what your starting balances were, what you had purchased etc. you will have to post screenshots of your inventory items page showing the relevant inventory items, their edit screen, production orders page and the edit screen of your production order.

Attached are screen shots as requested.

Forgot Inventory Edit Screen attached.

it would be helpful to you if you could explain what we are looking for in the screenshots and what you think is wrong.

Take for example Inventory NHPD7PMT44PX01 - Pushbutton, original stock was 4 and is now 3. I would have thought that this would have been reduced to 0 and -1 inserted into the “Qty t Receive” column.
Inventory PBES8-2NC-1NOPMM was 0 as in now 5 which is what I would expect.
I can’t understand why all the BOM (Stage 1) parts have only been reduced by 1 instead of 5 and why the shortage has not been indicated in the Production Order status.

your assumption that Manager would calculate the BOM quantity as per the quantity of your finished good is wrong. if the output is 5 numbers and your input is 5 numbers, you should enter the quantity for your input as 5 and not 1.

the input quantity in production order is always entered for the total quantity of output and not for one quantity of output.

My understanding that a bill of materials is a listing of components for one off unit.
I would expect that by applying a finished item quantity then that would multiply the sub components accordingly and reduce the stock.
If Manager can’t do that then the exercise is superfluous and I need to stick with my original MRP.
Thanks for your assistance.

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this is already a suggested feature and is already in the ideas category for improvements in future.

Thanks for the update.
Any idea on an implementation date?