Production Order Issue

I have one issue with production order. After I billed item produced from Production order sometimes i’ll need to add some items to that order. But after that addition if I purchased newly added item after billed date of Production order it will show item value on hand as below. How to make value on hand of that item zero by consuming newly added items.

Can you show screenshot of one of these production orders how they are entered? I don’t understand why quantity is zero. By definition, if you are producing new items, the quantity for output item should be positive.

@lubos Please see the below screenshot of production order

Any chance you could send me your accounting file to I still don’t understand how quantity can be zero in your first screenshot for all those production orders.

I have sent the mail. please check.

OK, I see the issue now.

So here is my view. I think production orders should be dated on the day when you actually produce the item. And when you produce the item, you must have all the parts which go into production on hand. This is not the case as per your accounting file.

So how did you make the item on that day if you didn’t have all the parts on hand as per your books? One principle in Manager is that everything should be recorded as it happens in reality.

So based on this definition, what I’ll probably do is that production orders which cannot be made (due to missing parts) will be marked as data-entry error and won’t be going into general ledger until the issue is resolved.

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@lubos Ok I understand. In that case when I want to add new item which added to inventory after the date of production. I’ll create inventory write off and clear the issue. But see the first screen shot it’ll not show which item value on hand difficult to trace and remove the item from production order. How to resolve this issue.

OK, check the latest version (16.4.44). I will show in description column name of inventory item from which the value came from.

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Thanks a lot.