Production Order Error

My inventory showing invalid value of produced item

All production orders having same issue. It is affected in inventory profit margin too.

Please provide more information. What screen are you showing? Why do you think it is incorrect? What do you think it should be, and why? For whatever transaction you think is in error, show a screen shot of the input.

Well, the transaction you’ve highlighted is just making sure your inventory value on hand doesn’t fall below zero as at 01/07/2016.

Can you click edit button on any of those production orders and show the screenshot of edit screen?

please find production order edit screen

Screenshot shown is inventory value on hand. Production order created on 01-07-2016. Order value depreciated by 31207.69. I’m not getting reason for depreciation, this also resulting in inventory profit margin value. Earlier it was fine. I’m not sure from which update i’m facing this issue. Screenshot was taken in 16.9.8 version.

The main issue is that production order currently creates too many entries in general ledger. The figures are correct, it’s just that it doesn’t have to show how each component within production order has increased value on hand of finished goods.

Anyway, back to your negative amount transaction of “-31,207.69”. Regarding your first screenshot, could you scroll lower so we can see all transactions posted as at 01/07/2016?

Please find below screenshot.

Surely there is more transactions below, right? Anyway, let me simplify general ledger for production orders a bit, then it will be easier to see what is happening.

Yes please. I’m still not understood reason for transaction of -31207.69!!!

The latest version (16.9.27) collapses those production orders in general ledger so it should be clearer what’s going on.

So upgrade and make new screenshot.

Still not happy with production order.

Can you make it simple???

  1. Irrespective of production item is on hand or not on production order created date it should reduce Qty. On hand in inventory ( Or back order).

i.e., Eg.: If I create production order today and i’ll add item to inventory tom. It should reduce qty, on hand.

  1. It will be helpful if you provide cost cut off of items which used for production order. Earlier it was showing cost cut off.

  2. Still there is bug in production order and it is taking long time to search the issue.

Screen shot1:

Screenshot of production order which i posted earlier

Screen Shot 2

Production order created on 03/03/2016.

Screen shot 3

When i change above production order date to 10/03/2016

After new update there is drastic change in inventory on hand. Looking for your support.

Check the latest version (16.9.34)

Thank you lubos