Bugs with Inventory Quantity by Location report

In version 20.5.90, there are serious errors in this report. Here is a sample report:

But only 2 inventory locations are defined:

The one now named North warehouse (edited) was previously named North warehouse. Editing the name did not change it on the report, it added the new name. But no transactions have been entered since editing the name.

Further, drill-downs are erroneous. Clicking the 12 for the table lamp in the north warehouse produces the following, irrespective of which general ledger engine is enabled:

Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 10.00.44 AM

Clicking the 5 for the north warehouse (edited) produces exactly the same thing.

Clicking on 10 for the lamp kit produces an empty screen, as do all other quantities under the north warehouse column:

Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 10.04.27 AM

Should be fixed in the latest version (20.5.93)

Manager Desktop version 20.7.54
Inventory quantity by location report is not incorporating impact of production orders in entirety i.e. the impact of finished good is not reflected. We have 2 different warehouses where manufacturing takes place. Raw material is received via “Goods Receipts” in respective warehouses where finished goods are produced via “Production Order”. The finished goods are then transferred to central warehouse from where they are sold. Attaching output of said report. Had drilled down in the negative balances and it reflects inventory transfers to Central warehouse. Let me know if you need further details.

Do you have production orders with insufficient quantities? Read the Guide: Understand insufficient quantity on a production order | Manager. If quantities are insufficient, the production order is not transferred into Inventory on hand. Subsequent inventory transfers would be of quantities not yet owned from accounting perspective.

This more rigorous treatment of production orders was introduced about a week ago.

@Tut all production orders are complete. I have rechecked them, none is marked with insufficient quantity. Our production process is T+1 i.e. If raw material is received on 8 June then production will be done on 9 June and finished item will be transferred to central warehouse on 10 June. The same date order is reflected in goods receipts and purchase invoice, production order and inventory transfer respectively.

I’m able to reproduce the issue. It’s a bug with the report. Fixing now

Many thanks @lubos

@HKB could you check the latest version (20.7.55) ? Both reports Inventory Quantity by Location and Inventory Quantity Summary were affected because they didn’t consider new production order implementation. They do now.

@lubos it is working fine now…thanks a lot for your prompt response.