Problems with lock date

Hi All
Last month I downloaded Manager, and very happy with it.
But I made a date entry on invoice incorrectly ( 01 01 0001)
I then put a lock date on. I then found my mistake.
I cannot change the date, Ive tried changing the lock date to 01 01 0001
and changed the Summary date as well to try and correct the invoice date.
The version Ive got is 16.12.40
Any help?
Thanks in advance

Try using year 0000 as that is earlier then 0001

Go to Settings => Lock Date and delete the entry in the date field completely. Then hit Update. Your data will be unlocked.

In future, please don’t divert topics with unrelated questions. I moved your question to a new topic.

Thankyou Tut,
I tried to change the lock date but I didnt delete it properly. Many Thanks
and sorry for putting in wrong place.
Happy New Year