Incorrect Date

I incorrectly entered a date of 01-01-0001

The problem is that the system does not allow me to go back that far

The account allocation is suspense account

How do I edit this to solve the problem

What do you mean by “the system does not allow you to go back that far”?

Just edit the transaction and enter the date manually - for example 01-01-2020

The allocation to the suspense account has nothing to do with the date - you did not entered the transaction correctly

I did and it goes back as far as 2001

Post a screen image of the edit screen for the transaction

The date on the printscreen shows todays date but on the purchace invoice you will see the actual transaction date


Did you update the Invoice after entering the correct date?
If you recreated the PDF of the invoice -it may not have replaced the previous one?

I tried it but I cannot update because it is out of the date period

The lock date goes back as far as 01-01-2001

Show a screen image of the error message - I do not know what “out of date period” means as I have not come across that in Manager.

Have you set a Lock Date?

What version of manager are you using?

Change the due date as well as the invoice date

I have set the lock date but have played with this as well and got the same results

I am using the latest version of manager

I have tried but no joy

You could delete the Sales Invoice and create it again

In the History tab - you can try undoing the entry

you could view the transactions on this invoice (update, create) and Undo them - perhaps in reverse order starting with the latest

I looked at the history but could not find it the problem is the history only goes back to the lock date and the lock dat cannot go back as far as 01-01-0001

Go to set lock date and remove the date in the lock date field and click update. This means there will be no lock date set at all. Edit the problem transaction and then reset the lock date to a date of your preference.

I Tried it when deleting the date and open it again it shows 01-01-2001
It seems it does not accept a blank date

That’s odd then as I was able to remove the lock date.

Perhaps if you provide screen shots of the steps you’re taking it may be easier to diagnose the problem.

This is unrelated to your date issue, but the purchase invoice is in Suspense because you have no supplier selected.

I suspect you will need to delete the starting balance entries first

  • goto the summary screen,
  • click on the amount listed for the suspense account, that will show you all items in the suspense account.
  • Click on the “Date” heading to sort by date
  • Find the transaction which has been entered with the wrong date
  • Click on the “Edit” button
  • Type in the correct date
  • Click update

To correct other entries in the suspense account have a look at this guide

First Steps

Summary: | Clear transactions in Suspense account |

Thx Guys for all the help
The problem is solved
The date story in lockdate worked