Urgent - Lock Date Not Working

I just discovered that editing and deletion is not being prevented even prior to the lock date. This is something that happens with all my business.

It would also be nice to understand since when this bug has been there. Now I will have to check the closing balances of all my businesses to understand if anything was involuntary edited.

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I could not replicate this in v21.11.95. Nor can I replicate it in v21.11.98 (the current version). I could not edit or delete in either version. @Davide, can you please be more specific? Which tabs? Which transaction types? What are you editing?

Every transaction type. I’ve updated to the latest version. It seems that it doesn’t work at all under any business.

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I even tried to delete lock date and set it again but it doesn’t work.

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Same here, I could not replicate it.

I even tried to create a new business from scratch but lock date doesn’t work at all. I’m using the latest server edition under Linux.

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Working correctly here on server edition v21.11.98 in Docker

Tbh, I haven’t tested any of my theories here but I have once made a POST instead of a PUT request to lock dates and this ruined the lock function for me.

Another possible cause is that the lock date could be unrecognized if you’ve updated it with a different format than you set in preferences.

I can replicate the problem but only for sales invoices where I can change the custom fields values and an update would succeed. I do not have custom fields for anything else so those who have can check.

Update: so to replicate it just create a custom line field in sales invoice. Then create an invoice on an earlier date, then add a lock date. You can then open the invoice, change the value in the custom field and click Update. This change will be effected.

This is by design. Lock date prevents changes that would have material impact on your financial statements.

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Sorry… I didn’t get how the new implementation works. It seems that Manager now monitors only some fields and not the whole form. Can ask that also descriptions (both the main and the column description) should be added to the monitored ones since in Italy are considered unchangeable part of the financial statement?

Hi, Lubos is right it only locked the Financial figures. However, for the characters (labels/narrations etc) you can still amend on Receipt and Invoice.